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Your White Card Questions Answered

The White Card is Nationally recognised evidence that you have completed a basic general construction induction training. This course is the minimum requirement for anyone that wants to work or requires access onto a construction site or in the Building Industry.
Every White Card that is issued has a number associated with each card, and usually Workplace Inspectors and/ or Employers will require the White card number before you start work.

If you want to work in the construction industry, in Australia then you must complete the White Card course.
You need to show evidence that you have completed the course and may require your White Card to be shown on the constructions site if you are requested by your Employer. Your employer is also required to provide you with other training such as a Site Induction and Task Specific inductions however your White Card are the basic requirements

We have reviewed a range of White Card Providers and recognise there is a big difference between the quality and training delivered. In our reviews we recommend going to White Card Courses

Because the White Card is now Nationally Recognised you do not need to get a different White card for each state. The White Card is mutually accepted throughout Australia.

General induction training (OHS Construction Induction) is recommended for people involved in a construction project. This includes:

  • People who carry out construction work, including site managers/supervisors, surveyors, labourers and trades persons
  • People who access operational construction zones unaccompanied or not directly supervised by an inducted person, and
  • People whose employment causes them to routinely enter operational construction zones (for example, Work Health and Safety (WHS) Inspectors).
  • This may also include new home builds, so cleaners as well

It’s easy! An online course that will take you between about 5 – 6 hours to complete, depending on your knowledge and computer skills. When you complete your  assessment successfully, you will receive a National Statement of Attainment and a White Card Number.

Currently the White Card does not expire, however it is recommend to refresh your knowledge by completing a course, if you have not worked in the industry in the last 2 years. 
This is usually left up to the discretion of the employer considering they have a responsibility to ensure that you are aware when it comes to safety.

Be Aware
Not all White Card Providers are doing the right thing

We Recommend to Check the Following

  • Participant Feedback. Does the trainer use live Video recordings on their website of actual participants or do they just use comments (and surprising they are all favourable) Do they have a Facebook or Social Media page and when was it last updated...2015?
  • Video Based Training: Does the training company use slides copied out of a text book and claim this is online training. We recommend Video based learning... It is 2019
  • Does the Training Company require you to demonstrate PPE equipment? As part of the Training Package and competency for attaining a legitimate White Card you must demonstrate wearing PPE equipment. This includes Hard Hat, High Visibility Vest, Ear Protection and Eye Protection. If you do not demonstrate wearing this equipment in obtaining your White Card. It does not meet the National Training requirements and is not Nationally Recognised. The Training Company should be reported to www.asqa.gov.au
  • Do you pay before you start the course or after you complete the training? We recommend finding a Training Provider who requests payment upon completion. In this way you can test and see if the course is the most suitable course for your learning. Some Training Companies talk about how easy the course is and then when they request payment up front you are actually just reading through lots of notes and paperwork that do not justify a great learning experience
  • Cheap Prices usually mean Cheap Course and a difficult learning experience for You. Remember you get what you pay for and usually the lower price Training Providers deliver a sub standard experience, which may include long wait times and delays for your White Card, slow response time for questions and they are not open on weekends. We recommend looking for White Cards online of around $50.00 > $75.00
  • Is the Learning Legitimate? Safety is important yes it can be life or death. However some Providers usually the cheap ones only offer very simple questions. To be honest this sounds great... however they are not really taking your safety seriously if they are just asking a bunch of multiple guess questions, that if you get one wrong you have a choice of 3 others.
  • Course Length. Whilst it is understandable that you want to complete the course as soon as possible, one of the main course requirements is how long the training does take. The course length may be up to 6 hours and if the training provider says the course length is anything shorter (ie 2 -4 hours) in duration is simply considered a dodgy course

We have done the homework for you

We have reviewed a range of White Card Online Training Providers currently operating and believe we have found the best White Card Training Provider in Australia.
We recommend White Card Courses and here is why

They receive great feedback from previous participants. The feedback can be found in social media and also video feedback on their website

Yes all of their course is based on video learning so it makes the experience so much easier and more enjoyable than having to read loads of text

This isn’t some tick and flick course. You do need to understand the importance of safety on a construction site. So when you answer the questions, if you get one wrong you actually go back 2 questions and you need to answer again. Talk about thorough.